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Welcome to The 3rd Black Watch Fleet Homepage
The Black Watch is a RP Lite Fleet, stationed at Deepspace K7 in the Eta Eridani sector.
The Black Watch has been around for quite some time, founded on stardate 87700.23, The Black Watch maintains a more selective process of officer requisition due to it's longstanding preference of quality over quantity of it's Fleet members.
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Possible Rebirth

tomatopastemoose, Feb 12, 11 10:09 AM.
Considering Re Activation and revamping the fleet, or moving to an RP active fleet and helping coordinate they're RP events. If anyone is interested, post here. I do apologize to all for when I left, life was being a giant piece of shit, and I ended up having to relocate, ect.

With the new addition of the foundry, I would like to move RP events in a new direction.
I plan to merely be an RP admiral, and to let a group of administrative players run the rest of the fleet, and only step in when I need to.

Me and my gf have recently started our own business, so I have a decent amount of free time to do so.

Hope to see a good turnout, one of my best friends is going to help me out with things, we have been trekies for a very long time so, should prove interesting.

Anyone interested in fleet leadership, contact me.

This will be a very low priority fleet from now on, play when you can, if you can, despite rank.

I will have enough free time to step in and run events for those who post them and can't make it.

My mainstay will be RP events built with the foundry, and will hope to release one weekly.

non fleet members are all welcome to attend.
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